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Stratum™ X5

Now available in 5 GHz and 6 GHz options

Stratum™ X5

The Stratum X5 series is a family of high-efficiency and rugged outdoor Point-to-Point radios that offer exceptional data backhaul performance in the 5GHz and 6GHz unlicensed bands. While the 6GHz spectrum is not available in all regions, where available, 6GHz offers greatly improved performance in areas where there is significant 5GHz interference.

The Stratum X5 delivers an exceptional and cost-effective alternative to copper and fiber connectivity in areas where wired solutions are impractical or cost prohibitive. Whether backhauling surveillance data on highways or in the city, or linking communities where there is no wired infrastructure available, users of the Stratum X5 can expect high throughput, excellent link stability, and efficient use of available radio spectrum.

Proxim Ecosystem

Proxim products can be categorized into four main groups, each group serving specific application needs.

Stratum X5 – 5GHz

Antenna Options

The SX5-1042A features an integrated quad-polarity panel antenna and software-selectable connectors for external antennas. A Connectorized model is also available.

Stratum X5 – 5GHz

than Ever

Point to Multipoint

Last Mile Access for WISP, Mobility and Smart City Applications.

Point to Point

Backhaul Solutions for Service Provider and Enterprise.


Wi-Fi Access Solutions for Service Provider and Enterprise.

Smart City

Enabling Smart City Applications Beyond the Reach of Wires.

Video Surveillance

Enabling a Safer Environment Beyond the Reach of Wires.


Connecting the Edge to the Core Without the Cost of Wires.


Broadband for Buses, Trains, Ferrys and First Responders.


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