Proxim Wireless Release new MIMO 4×4 Point-to-Point Platform

Proxim Wireless Release new MIMO 4×4 Point-to-Point Platform

Proxim’s new Stratum X5 is a point-to-point wireless data backhaul platform delivers throughput up to 1.581 Gbps.

Silicon Valley, CA, April 11, 2023 – The first in a new series of high-efficiency outdoor products, the Stratum X5 starts life as a Point-to-Point radio designed to improve data backhaul performance and spectrum management.

Proxim point-to-point wireless links offer a cost-effective alternative to fiber backhaul. Once installed, the zero cost for data transmission tames the operational cost so often associated with 4G and 5G offerings.

The use of the 5GHz unlicensed spectrum is ideal when rapid installation is needed. Whether backhauling surveillance data on highways, in the city, or linking communities without wired infrastructure, users of the Stratum X5 can expect higher throughput, improved link stability, and more efficient use of the available radio spectrum.

The improved performance adds significant flexibility to the network designer faced with delivering improved performance in regions with limited radio spectrum.

“The big advantage of the Stratum X5 is the combination of internal performance gains and MIMO 4×4 options. MIMO 4×4 enables higher throughput without the need for excessive channel sizes.” – Jerome Alexandre, Director of Product Marketing at Proxim Wireless.

When developing the Stratum X5, Proxim focused on building a core architecture that maximizes the benefit of next-generation ARM multicore processors and high-efficiency radios.

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