the Tsunami® 10100 CPE and CPA Proxim Wireless Introduces

Proxim Wireless Introduces the Tsunami® 10100 CPE and CPA

Small Form Factor, High Performance Client Device

Silicon Valley, CA, February 14, 2017 – Proxim Wireless Corporation (OTC Markets: PRXM), a pioneer and global leader in point to point (PtP) and point to multipoint (PtMP) wireless systems and advanced Wi-Fi, introduced to the market today the Tsunami MP-10150-CPE and MP-10100-CPA. This small, high capacity subscriber unit is ideal for installations where space is limited such as busses or metros, but performance is a must. Combined with Proxim’s Fast Connect, this new release brings 200Mbps to mobile off load applications.

The Tsunami 10100 CPE and CPA support all the advanced features of the larger and more powerful 10100 series Base Station Units and Subscriber Units. Features such as a high speed processor for improved packet performance, support for Jumbo Frames, pass through on 1588V2 timing protocol, high power output and a ruggedized IP67 enclosure.

The CPE and CPA are offered with a wide range of throughput: 50, 100, 150 and 200Mbps. Moreover, each model can be license upgraded to higher capacities as network demands grow over time. All of this advanced functionality and high speed throughput is contained in a small, robust and compact size of less than 5 x 8.62 x 2.58 in (126 x 219 x 65.5 mm) making it one of the smallest 200Mbps devices on the market.

The CPE version comes with an integrated 16dBi antenna, while the CPA supports two surge protected N-Type connectors for any dual polarity external antenna. Having an external antenna makes it easier for integrators to position this unit in mobile platforms such as buses or metro rail platforms where the equipment space is often times limited to a small cabinet. This facilitates mounting the antenna on the roof with the unit down below, and it also allows deployment with specifically designed mobile antennas. Furthermore with support for 12V powering, the Tsunami 10150 CPE and 10100 CPA can be deployed in cars or powered by wind or solar.

In keeping with Proxim’s commitment of at least two generations backwards compatibility, Tsunami 10100 CPE and CPA are interoperable with Tsunami 8200 platform as well as the Tsunami 800 series product line.

“The Tsunami MP-10150-CPE and MP-10100-CPA continue Proxim’s leadership in offering more performance for the money, and with this product release does so in a small form factor that opens up numerous additional applications” said Greg Marzullo, CEO and President, Proxim Wireless. “The 10150 CPE is a lead product in several planned advanced IOT 3.0 solutions which will be launched this year enabling us to better support intelligent transport applications.”

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