Certification Training

Proxim Certification Training


Proxim empowers Integrators, Distributors, and Customers with the best practices, product knowledge and wireless networking skills needed to select, configure, deploy, and maintain an optimal Proxim Wireless network. Proxim Certification Training offers a variety of educational options:

  • Instructor led certification classes delivered at customer locations.
  • Training courses at our facility located in California’s Silicon Valley.
  • Instructor based online courses.

Proxim can also offer field-based training allowing the technicians to learn advanced practices on the job. These include advanced site survey methodologies, deployment challenges, and troubleshooting.

Certification Courses

Proxim Certified Broadband Associate (PCBA)

The PCBA course introduces the design, deployment, and maintenance of a Proxim wireless network. The class examines factors involved with wireless network design, link calculations, site survey, RF interference, deployment best practices, radio optimization, and network maintenance.

The course includes detailed technical discussions and system based hands-on configuration for Proxim Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint products.

For more information regarding the PCBA course, please contact the Proxim Training group at training@proxim.com.

Proxim Certified Broadband Engineer (PCBE)

The Proxim PCBE course provides detailed information for the operation, management, and monitoring of Proxim a Point to Point and Point to Multipoint network.

This advanced technical course covers specific types of wireless applications and solutions such as the deployment of mobile broadband networks, considerations for large-scale complex wireless topologies, as well as multi-circuit networks. Radio configurations for advanced network operator requirements such as data traffic engineering, network integration, and network scalability are also presented and explained. This course is designed primarily as a classroom-based experience but can also be incorporated as part of a field based, hands-on, advanced network solution and troubleshooting class.

For more information regarding the PCBE course, please contact the Proxim Training group at training@proxim.com.