ProximVision Advanced

ProximVision® Advanced

Advanced Cloud Enabled
Carrier Management System + WLAN Controller

Control, Provision and Manage

Comprised of a wide variety of powerful tools, ProximVision® Advanced unifies management of the entire Proxim infrastructure. From monitoring network performance to remote device configuration and management. All the tools needed for effective network management.

Cloud Enabled

ProximVision® Advanced is ideally suited to operate in the cloud on AWS. This has the advantage of providing a high availability, while also reducing operational cost.

Be the first to know

Identify faults and troubleshoot remotely.
  • Set push-notifications on events that require immediate notification
  • Quickly identify and isolate faults via the alert filtering tool
  • Add threshold alarms with advanced threshold crossing rules
  • Access and manage your network from any location via web based access

Increase Productivity

ProximVision® Advanced streamlines, automates, and monitors networks tasks, off loading the day to day tasks allowing network managers to focus on higher level activities such as network expansion.
  • Instantly deploy devices with configuration templates
  • Perform network-wide software updates in a single keystroke
  • Pre-schedule or automate day to day maintenance tasks
  • Build custom reports and set email subscriptions of vital network statistics

Try for Free

ProximVision® Advanced starter kit will support 100 nodes during the first month and then switch to 4 nodes without time restriction.