Stratum™ X5 Series

Up to 1.58Gbps throughput – 2.5G Ethernet & SFP+ – MIMO 4×4
The Stratum™ X5 is a 5 GHz, MIMO 4×4 point to point product family with greater than 1.5 Gbps throughput. Common to all Proxim outdoor products, the rugged metal chassis is the first indicator of carrier-class reliability in weather extremes.
The flexible antenna options enable Point to Point (PtP) links that will meet wide-ranging criteria.

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BeamX Series

Beam Steering Antenna – Auto Align – up to 672 Mbps throughput
The Quickbridge® 10250 BeamX solution speeds the deployment of point-to-point networks by eliminating the complicated and time-consuming antenna alignment process. The intelligent beam steering technology enables the auto-alignment of links and minimizes interference in noisy environments. The beam steering antenna also takes the pain out of the setup of complex nLOS (near Line of Sight) installations.

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10100 Series

Carrier Grade – 4.9 & 5 GHz – up to 672 Mbps throughput
The Quickbridge® 10100 series delivers high bandwidth backhaul with carrier-class reliability in even the toughest conditions. The extensive range of integrated and external antenna models provides the flexibility to design a backhaul link that will meet the most stringent criteria. The 10100 Series is perfectly suited for the service provider or enterprise that needs to connect critical applications and services to the data center or the world.

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Edge 1000 Series

4.9 – 5 GHz solutions – 5MHz to 80MHz Channels – MiMO 4:4 options
The Edge 1000 series includes three models starting with the Quickbridge® 1025, followed by two all-in-one models configurable to be an endpoint in a point-to-point network, a Multipoint CPE, or a Multipoint Base Station. All models include an integrated 30-degree 15dBi antenna and offer external antenna options. The Edge 1025 also enables MiMo 4×4 operation when used with an external antenna. The Edge Series is flexible, budget-friendly, capable of data rates up to 380 Mbps, and offers a range of channel sizes from 5MHz to 80MHz.

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Edge Quickbridge
1066 LNK

5.9 – 6.4 GHz – 5MHz to 40MHz Channels – up to 300 Mbps
The Proxim Edge Quickbridge 1066 is a 6 GHz wireless bridge in a box designed to deliver years of reliable service. It is priced to fit cost-sensitive medium-range backhaul projects. The Edge 1066 delivers up to 300 Mbps throughput and offer effective bandwidth management with granular service-level options, and an advanced Quality of Service engine.

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Tsunami® GX-824

Carrier Grade – 24 GHz – up to 900 Mbps full duplex.
The GX-824 is a reliable outdoor unlicensed point-to-point microwave solution operating in the 24 GHz band. With a capacity of up to 900 Mbps full duplex (1.8 Gbps aggregate), hitless adaptive coding & modulation, The GX-824 is an ideal solution for the backhaul of latency-sensitive data. It is an excellent alternative to 60GHz millimeter wave links. The GX 824 is a fully integrated outdoor design with 30, 60, 90, or 120 cm antenna models.

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IP67 rated metal enclosure to ensure years of reliable service in harsh environments, including high winds, high salt, and temperature extremes.

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