Link Calculation Tools

Link Calculator for Windows

Proxim’s Link Calculator provides a host of features to help you model different network scenarios and make more informed decisions as you design and deploy networks. The application allows you to tweak and tune the various elements of your design including product selection, antenna height, power, and angle, to name a few.

Once complete, the export options enable you to visualize the network in Google Earth and create a report that includes location maps and link performance statistics.

Registered support portal users can download the latest version.

For an up-to-date instructional video on using the link calculator please follow this link to our Learning Center.

Quick Link Estimator – Web Tool

Reduce guesswork and use Proxim’s link calculation tool to design and estimate your network performance. Once you are done, the Request Quote tab will get you connected with a Proxim representative who will refine and price the solution you need.