The ORiNOCO® AP-9200R is an IP67 Rated outdoor 802.11ac wave2 Access Point. The ORiNOCO® AP-9200R features one 5 GHz MU-MIMO 4×4:4 and one 2.4 GHz MIMO 3×3:3 radio delivering up to 2 Gbps aggregate data rate. Ideally suited to industrial and outdoor hotspot applications, the AP-9200R delivers the same proven Proxim reliability.

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10100 Series

The Crosspoint 10100 series combines a Multipoint client and WiFi solution to enable the installation of WiFi networks beyond the reach of wires. Combining a near-line-of-sight Point-to-Multipoint Client and an ORiNOCO® Access Point into a single unit facilitates swift WiFi deployments for remote industrial complexes and wireless hotspots.

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Easily Managed and Built to Last


Provision – Manage – Control


IP67 rated metal enclosure to ensure years of reliable service in harsh environments, including high winds, high salt, and temperature extremes.

Why Proxim Wireless is the best choice?

Proxim Wireless is a global leader in advanced wireless broadband and WiFi solutions that deliver high performance and high availability communications. Celebrating 40 years of pioneering wireless solutions, Proxim is recognized for unparalleled reliability, superior performance, and drive for innovation.