Electro Dunas S.A.A, Peru

Private Point to Point Industrial Network


  • Customer: Electro Dunas S.A.A.
  • Application: Backhaul
  • Solution: Tsunami® Point-to-Point
  • Thanks to Proxim radios, Electro Dunas S.A.A. has established a secure and reliable backhaul radio link system.
  • This setup includes 15 point-topoint links using the Tsunami 10100L model, connecting their offices and thermal power plants in Ica city.
  • Proxim’s “Clear Connect” technology plays a crucial role in enhancing capacity in crowded 5GHz radio frequency spectrum settings, guaranteeing exceptional performance even in difficult circumstances.
  • The ProximVision Advanced network management platform supports all centralized radio management.


Electro Dunas S.A.A. is a leading company in the distribution and commercialization of electric power in the South-Central region of Peru. Based in the dynamic city of Ica, located 310 kilometers south of Lima and bordering the Pacific Ocean, the region is a hub of development, particularly prominent in sectors such as mining, agro-industry, fishing, commerce, gas, and textiles.


In its commitment to providing quality services, Electro Dunas S.A.A. has expanded and adapted its private data network over time to meet emerging demands. In this evolution, the renewal of wireless backhaul links has been crucial. These links not only transport data but also video and telemetry from remote facilities to the data center. However, they faced challenges due to the adverse weather conditions of Ica, which include high temperatures and the typical desert dust of the area.


After a rigorous selection process, Electro Dunas S.A.A. chose the Tsunami QB-10100L series from Proxim Wireless to modernize its backhaul radio link system. Proxim’s strong security features and ability to function in harsh weather conditions was a major factor in the decision to select Proxim for deployment in power plants. JA Telecom, serving as the local integrator, managed the installations, which involved conducting spectrum studies and determining appropriate tower and antenna sizes to address any interference issues.

Why Proxim?

Proxim was chosen based on its ability to transport data wirelessly and their compliance with IT security standards through a proprietary protocol, ensuring data protection against hacking threats as well as subnet classification.

IT team leader Mr. José Alegría from JA Telecom stated, “to Proxim radios, Electro Dunas S.A.A. has established a secure and reliable backhaul radio link system.”.