Case study – La Salle Centro Universitario Campus

La Salle Centro Universitario Campus Madrid Expands Usage of Proxim® ORiNOCO® WLAN Products


  • Customer: La Salle Centro Universitario Campus
  • Application: WiFi
  • Solution: ORiNOCO Wi-Fi
  • La Salle Centro Universitario Campus Madrid expands its usage of ORiNOCO line of wireless access points. After using Proxim’s .11a/b/g access points for years, La Salle deploys next generation ORiNOCO access point products to provide high speed wireless access.
  • Proxim has helped La Salle with changes in product configurations, adapting the products to their network, addressing new applications and devices, and supporting them with any issues that arise.

La Salle Centro Universitario Madrid forms part of an international network of more than 73 universities and business schools with more than 350 years of experience and presence in 82 countries. The Madrid Campus has more than 60 years of experience teaching in the areas of Education, Health Sciences, and Management and has been recognized by the quality of the teachers and degrees. La Salle originally deployed Proxim ORiNOCO AP-700 access point products in 2007. These products were initially deployed to enable convenient wireless broadband Internet access for students, faculty, and visitors.

After several years of outstanding performance from these Proxim products, La Salle deployed ORiNOCO AP-800 access point products to provide broadband wireless access as they built a new building on their campus.

Most recently, La Salle deployed some ORiNOCO AP-8100 products to extend Wi-Fi coverage into areas beyond where coverage had been originally planned. In addition, more bandwidth was required due to changes in the teaching methodology and experience. With distance learning and access to content in the cloud becoming more and more inherent in and critical to the educational process, teachers and students need greater access to consistent and extensive bandwidth. For example, in one real-world teaching experience, students at La Salle needed to simultaneously connect both to La Salle’s network and also to a different server outside the campus and outside the La Salle network.

A critical factor in La Salle’s decision to expand their usage of Proxim’s products has been the support that Proxim has continued to offer La Salle. Proxim has helped La Salle with changes in product configurations, adapting the products to their network, addressing new applications and devices, and supporting them with any issues that arise.

“We have used ORiNOCO Wi-Fi equipment from Proxim for many years with excellent results, extending the network with the new APs available from the ORiNOCO family,” said Carlos Navarro, IT Manager La Salle Campus Madrid. “Technical support from Proxim has been key to keep the network working correctly in every moment.”
“We are proud of our long relationship with La Salle,” said Greg Marzullo President and CEO of Proxim Wireless. “We at Proxim stand behind our products and are happy to help customers like La Salle experience the full benefits of our products through our extensive customer support network. It is gratifying when long-term customers like La Salle continue to expand with us over the years from one generation of technology to the next, confident in the support and product quality they will experience.”

About La Salle Campus Madrid

La Salle Campus Madrid was born 60 years ago and its training offer is organized around the University Center and the Business School. The University Center is characterized by a student-centered learning methodology; the student becomes the main actor and the driving force in his/her training process. La Salle offers degrees in two areas:

Education. In its origin, the University Center was a Teacher Training School and nowadays it plays a leading role in the training of Primary Education teachers. It also provides training in the fields of Social Education and Social Work, which are intimately linked to La Salle’s commitment with poor people’s education.

Health. Currently, La Salle offers two health-related degrees: Occupational Therapy Degree and Physiotherapy Degree. La Salle has invested for the future: a new building has been built and the Integral Center of Rehabilitation has been inaugurated to provide students with a real healthcare environment. La Salle Business School was created with an international vocation and its mission is to train our future managers and professionals.