Wireless Video Surveillance Kit

What You Need to Know about Wireless Networking for Surveillance and Security

Security and Surveillance has evolved. With growing threats and attacks across the globe, surveillance is no longer restricted to a few key sensitive areas. Surveillance today is a necessity, required virtually everywhere from schools, hospitals, public areas and transportation systems.

Modern wireless technologies have opened the doors to a whole new era of video surveillance. Today wireless technologies allow security teams and governments to deploy fixed and mobile HD surveillance cameras in a matter of few weeks with the highest levels of encryption, making wireless technologies on par with traditional wired networking solutions at a fraction of the cost.

The challenge however lies in understanding the wide range of wireless technologies and innovations that continue to advance at break-neck speeds and which one is best for this application. Furthermore, with limited knowledge, deploying wireless can seem to be a herculean task including a mammoth amount of variables to configure such as Link Budget, QoS, Tx power, channel size, antenna tilt etc.

In this comprehensive wireless kit, we cover topics from the latest trends of wireless to best practices of deploying wireless technologies. Loaded with applications and real world case studies this kit is meant for end users as well as system integrators and engineering teams.

What’s in the Kit?

  • Brochure: Video Security and Tsunami® Challenging Application Meets Mission Critical Solution
  • White Paper: The Proxim Advantage – Video Security via Wireless
  • [Video] Proxim Wireless For Surveillance and Security
  • White Paper: Proxim’s Proprietary Technology WORP®
  • Glossary of Wireless Terms
  • Real World Examples and Applications of Wireless Video Surveillance Networks