Proxim Wireless

Indoor and Outdoor WiFi Access for Service Provider and Enterprise

WiFi is the enabler of so many new applications from Enterprise BYOD and mobility solutions to smart home connectivity. The strength of Proxim’s WiFi products is that they are part of a larger ecosystem that integrates campus and city-wide connectivity with WiFi LANs and hotspots, all controlled from a centralized management own WiFi controller platform.



Outdoor WiFi

A WiFi hotspot purpose designed to provide reliable all year round access to Wifi, whether walking city streets or relaxing in the park.


Campus-wide WiFi

The combination of centrally managed indoor and outdoor access points delivers seamless WiFi roaming to users.


WiFi Hotspots

From Airports to coffee shops, to the city streets, Wifi hotspots provide critical access for business and personal use.


Enterprise Networks

While many users still rely on wired networks, many users of hot desks, conference rooms, BYOD and guest networks rely on WiFi in todays enterprise networks.

Featured Product Models

  • ORiNOCO® AP-9200R
    ORiNOCO® AP-9200R
    Rugged Outdoor Wi-Fi 5 Access Point
    2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
    Up to 27 dBm (Triple chain)
  • Crosspoint 10100 Series
    Crosspoint 10100 Series
    Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Subscriber Unit
    with integrated Access Point
    PtMP: 4.9 – 5.9GHz | Up to 28dBm
    Access: 2.4GHz | Up to 26dBm