Extended Service, Support & Warranties for Enhanced Investment Protection

At Proxim Wireless, it is our mission to offer service and support options that go above and beyond standard warranties to allow you the flexibility to provide the quality of service that your networks demand.

Proxim Wireless offers a valuable support program called ServPak. ServPak is a program of enhanced service options that are provided in three different bundles to meet your specific needs. Whether your requirement is around the clock technical support or advanced replacement service, we are confident that the level of support provided in each bundle will exceed your expectations.

Technical support is provided free for the entire time a Proxim warranty covers the product. Beyond this period, Technical Support is available at cost on a per incident basis.

Customers who purchase Servpak will receive unlimited technical support for the duration of the ServPak contract with no additional costs.

Pay As You Go Support Services

  • Pay per support of each technical incident
  • Detailed pricing is available onlineUS / A4


Professional On-Site Services

  • Pay per scope of work agreement
  • Quotations provided on a case to case basis
  • All requests are subject to approval from Proxim Wireless
  • For more information, please take a look at our Professional On-site Services brochure

Bundled ServPak Plan Options

All ServPak service bundles are sold as service contracts that provide coverage for specific products from 1 to 3 years. Servpak bundles are considered an upgrade to the standard product warranty and not an extension.

All Plans Include ServPak Plus ServPak Prime
24×7 Basic Technical Support Basic Advanced Replacement (Two business days/International economy shipment service) Priority Advanced Replacement (Next business day/International priority shipment service)
8×7 Advanced Technical Support   24×7 Advanced Technical Support
Software Maintenance   ProximVision® Support
Access to Knowledge Base    

Additional Information on ServPak Options:

Advanced Replacement of Hardware

In the event of a hardware failure, our guaranteed turnaround time for a return to factory repair is 30 days or less. Customers who purchase this service are guaranteed replacement of refurbished or new hardware to be shipped out within one or two business days, as applicable. Options are available for shipment services depending on the customer’s support needs. Hardware is shipped on business days, Monday – Friday excluding Holidays, 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM Eastern Time.

7x24x365 Availability

Unlimited, direct access to technical support engineers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year including Holidays.

8×5 Availability

Unlimited, direct access to world-class technical support engineers 8 hours a day, five days a week, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Basic Technical Support

Customers who purchase this service can rest assured that their call will be answered by Proxim’s Tier 1 technical support and a case opened immediately to document the problem and provide initial troubleshooting to identify the solution and resolve the incident in a timely manner.

Advanced Technical Support

In addition to Proxim’s world-class Tier 1 technical support, customers will be able to have their more complex issues escalated to our world-class Tier 3 technical support engineers. Our Tier 3 engineers will review specific configurations to troubleshoot complex problems and will also provide helpful insights regarding Proxim’s products and various tips from decades of collective experience in the wireless industry.

Software Maintenance

It’s essential to maintain and enhance security and performance of wireless equipment, and Proxim makes this easy by providing a Software Maintenance program that enables customers to access new feature and functionality rich software upgrades and updates. Customers will also have full access to Proxim’s vast knowledge base of technical bulletins, white papers and troubleshooting documents.

Post-Installation Optimization

Proxim also offers fee-based consultation with our technical support engineers to enhance the performance and efficiency of your network. Post-installation optimization services include:

  • Review frequencies to select the best possible channel
  • Review Modulation, Channel Bandwidth, MIMO, and WORP settings to optimize throughput and link quality
  • Review Satellite Density & TPC/ATPC settings
  • Assistance with Bandwidth controls
  • Assistance with QoS, RADIUS, and VLAN settings on Proxim equipment

To learn more about ServPak options or for pricing information, contact us at