Edge 1015

The Versatile Small Wireless Broadband Solution


Antenna Options

Includes an integrated 15 dBi 35-degree dual-polarity antenna and offers external connectors for extended range and MIMO 4×4 configuration options.


Carrier class QoS enables advanced management of multimedia data-streams and offers granular service level management.


IP67 rated metal enclosure to ensure years of reliable service in harsh environments, including high winds, high salt, and temperature extremes.


AES 128 encryption and Radius authentication

Powered by

Proxim WORP enables the most efficient wireless broadband access possible in a packet-based network.
Advanced QoS controls, committed interface rates, latency controls, IGMP snooping, and native multicast support allow granular service level management and the best video performance available in this product class.


Proxim ClearConnect™, a suite of interference mitigation technologies ensuring robust and reliable communications in high-density wireless deployments.

Full Tilt & Swivel
Mounting Kit

The Edge 1015 Pole mounting kit is an all-weather stainless steel design that enables azimuth adjustment of 360° and ±30° elevation. It is designed for pole sizes from 38mm to 82.5mm (1.5 to 3.25 inches).

Full Tilt & Swivel Mounting Kit

Calculate Link Budget

Design and Validate your Network

Smartphone Configurator

Proxim’s BlueConnect App.


Provision – Manage – Control

MultiPoint Compatibility

All products in the current 5Ghz range of Multipoint Base Stations and Clients are fully compatible and include the Multipoint BeamX, 10200, 10100 and 5Ghz Edge products. They are also compatible with MP-800 series products.