Case study – Allentown Citywide Surveillance Network

CSi Deploys Proxim Broadband Radios for CCTV in Support of Allentown’s Re-vitalization Project


  • Customer: Allentown Citywide Surveillance Network
  • Application: Video Surveillance
  • Solution: Tsunami® Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint
  • CSi Integrated Security & Communications Systems deploys Tsunami® 8200 and 820 series radios to support the citywide surveillance network which has helped reduce crime by 20% in Allentown, PA.

CSi: Integrated Security & Communications Systems, based in Allentown, PA, has been deploying wireless since the 1990s, and first started supporting the city’s re-vitalization project in 2007. To date, more than 300 cameras have been deployed throughout the city, 175 of which are connected using wireless. CSi chose Proxim as their wireless vendor, because Proxim backhauls CCTV reliably with no video degradation. The addition of high definition PTZ cameras requires 4 Mbps of continuous bandwidth. These cameras are used to capture license plates at significant distances at night in addition to monitoring critical locations around the clock.

« As part of our qualification to find the best wireless vendor to backhaul our HD cameras, we tested 4 vendors and not only did Proxim have the best video quality for the widest variety of cameras, but also Proxim had the best value per Megabit,” said Jeremy Binder, Director IT of CSi. “Proxim does not nickel and dime you by charging more money to enable unique features like mobility. Furthermore, these products are all highly robust IP67 radios supporting more SW selectable frequencies than any other vendor, which gives you a lot of deployment flexibility. »

« By using wireless to backhaul most of our cameras, we can put them where they need to be, when they are needed, and use the money we saved to deploy more cameras to supplement our police force, »
– said Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski.

Connectronics was selected by CSi as the wireless distributor for this public safety project, because of their strong value-add reputation, channel focus, and expertise in wireless and connectivity products.

Michael Bridge, Director of Connectronics, said, “We were excited to partner with CSi in this community safety effort. Their success just shows CSi’s expertise in tapping the inherent strengths of Proxim’s Tsunami radios.”
« We are pleased to partner with the City of Allentown, CSi, and Connectronics in this exciting project,” said Greg Marzullo, President and CEO of Proxim. “This Allentown experience is a dramatic example of the benefits that can be provided by video security and surveillance and the flexibility and cost-savings enabled by using wireless to backhaul the cameras. We value our partners’ recognitions of the capabilities of our products, and we look forward to continuing our leadership in video security and surveillance connectivity. »

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