Case study – Ministry of Education, Bahrain

Ministry of Education, Bahrain Chooses Proxim to Provide Electronic Access to its Knowledge Centers


  • Customer: Ministry of Education, Bahrain
  • Application: Wireless Broadband
  • Solution: Tsunami® PtMP
  • Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Bahrain required a solution to connect their 11 Ministry knowledge centers with the MoE managed Schools.
  • The network was required to support mixed traffic consisting of voice, data and video. WORP being designed for these applications delivers high QoS system performance
  • The Tsunami® product line, proved to be the ideal solution for this harsh deployment environment with it’s IP67 rating. The resultant network realized substantial cost savings and increased network capacity


With the responsibility for dispensing education across the country, the MoE (Ministry of Education) of the Kingdom of Bahrain offers several centers for knowledge and libraries to its citizens. As a part of its “easy access” initiative, the ministry decided to provide electronic access of its eleven knowledge centers to the multitudes of MoE managed schools across the country.


The Challenge consisted of connecting all its knowledge centers into a unified network that supported access from the schools. Upon evaluation of the commercial aspects of the project, the MoE soon realized that implementing a wire line based network would be not just time consuming, cost-prohibitive but also a non-scalable implementation when considering future initiatives and plans.


The MoE then turned to BATEC- Bahrain Advanced Technology, a leading Value added ICT (Information Communication & Technology) solutions provider to connect its various knowledge centers in a reliable, cost effective and quickly deployable solution. After reviewing the project requirements, BATEC offered a wireless solution powered by Proxim’s high performance Tsunami® outdoor point to multipoint radios. The Tsunami® multipoint series consists of extremely rugged IP67 certified, low cost, high power radios running WORP, and supporting mixed media traffic such as voice, video and data applications over the widest range of operating frequencies.


This new network has eleven subscriber units backhauling information from eleven knowledge centers to a central base station and into a internet gateway, to provide access to all the knowledge centers.

« Proxim came with a promise and a solution to address all of ours and that of our customers concerns: Cost effective and low TCO, reliable, easy to deploy and a very straight forward commissioning protocol »

– Brian James, Business Manager, BATEC.