Online Calculators: Antenna Downtilt

Calculations: Antenna Downtilt

The tilt angle or distance can be calculated by providing the base antenna height Hb, remote antenna height Hr and either the tilt angle or distance. The system will then calculate the distance or the angle for you. For further information on this formula, please review the figure below.

Note: The final value represents a first order approximation and should only be used as a guide. No guarantees or warranties are implied accordingly.

Calculation Input

Calculation Results (Angle or Miles)

Antenna Downtilt Example

Antenna Downtilt


  • Horizon means that the -3dB point on the main lobe shoots off into the horizon and does not touch the earth (assuming flat terrain.)
  • The formula for calculating the distance is
    ( (HbHr) / Tan A ) / 5280
    where A is the angle
  • The formula for calculating the angle is
    Tan-1 * ( (HbHr)/ (D * 5280) )
    where D is the distance