Online Calculators: Latitude/Longitude Bearing

Calculations: Latitude/Longitude Bearing

The degrees and distance can be calculated by the formula listed below by providing the Latitude and Longitude of the base and remote antenna sites. For further information on this formula, please review the figure below.

Note: The final value represents a first order approximation and should only be used as a guide. No guarantees or warranties are implied accordingly. The following values will be accepted:

  • 40:15:35N
  • 40.1535N
  • 40:15:35
  • 40.1535

Calculation Input

Calculation Results

Magnetic Declination Example

Degress will be listed as true north, you can use the chart below for a rough estimate of your magnetic declination or for a more precise measurement of magnetic declination please visit NOAA’s Geophysical Data Center – Geomagnetic Data.

Magnetic Declination Example


  • GPS Coordinates must be entered as Degrees:Minutes:Seconds or Degrees.DecimalFraction.
  • GPS Coordinates may have a N/S/E/W designation at the end of the value.
  • For South and East coordinates you can make the numbers negative. The magnetic designators such as N/S/E/W are not necessary in the input boxes/fields.
  • When aligning with a compass, you must know your magnetic declination angle.