Case study – Gozo Channel, Malta

Malta-Based Ferry Company Gozo Channel Select Proxim Wireless for Mobile and Fixed Point-to-Point Networks


  • Customer: Gozo Channel, Malta
  • Application: Video Surveillance and Backhaul
  • Solution: Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point
  • Multiple Proxim 10150-BS9 series base stations with integrated 90 degree antennas are installed at each port to cover the route between the islands and the inner harbor.
  • Each of the ferries is fitted with Proxim 10100-CPA subscriber units with omnidirectional antennas.

Gozo Channel provide the main ferry link between Malta and the island of Gozo and act as a lifeline to the Gozo community, both in the transport of goods and supporting the tourist trade.

Initially, the company needed a reliable high-performance network to cover the five kilometers over water between the two ports. They turned to Proxim Wireless for a solution and installed a Proxim Quickbridge solution to meet the need.

Six months later, Proxim once again became the obvious choice to deliver uninterrupted connectivity between the ports and the ferries as they sail between the islands.

The initial need was for a cost-effective network that would provide enough mobile bandwidth to support live video surveillance feeds to the control rooms in the island ports.

Plans to include a Voice over IP system pose no challenges, the advanced QoS capability built into all Proxim point-to-multipoint, and point-to-point systems will easily support the combines voice and video traffic.

“The reliability and roaming capability provided by Proxim’s FastConnect™ Technology was a major factor in our decision to implement the Proxim Mobility solution for our ferries. The ability for the network to stay connected and give excellent performance during channel crossings, even in adverse conditions is essential to the smooth operation of our service.»
– Samuel Debrincat | ICT Executive, Gozo Channel (Operations) Ltd.