Case study – KPN-Wi-Fi Hotspot Provider, Holland

KPN HotSpots Deploys Proxim’s New Compact, Robust, and High-Performance Tsunami® 820 Series Products


  • Customer: KPN, Wi-Fi Hotspot Provider, Holland
  • Application: WiFi
  • Solution: ORiNOCO Wi-Fi
  • KPN HotSpots Deploys Proxim’s New Compact, Robust, and High-Performance Tsunami® 820 Series Products

KPN HotSpots has been extensively deploying Proxim ORiNOCO® access points for the last eight years in dozens of hotspot locations including:

  • Hotel chains — including Van Der Valk, Holland’s largest hotel chain
  • Restaurants and cafes — including the Campanile, La Place and AC Restaurants
  • Gas stations — gas stations throughout the Netherlands offering customers the ability to connect and check email/Internet
  • Railways and public transportation — including NS railway stations
  • Holiday Parks — including Centreparcs in the Benelux, France and Germany

KPN HotSpots has been evaluating different technologies to improve their backbone infrastructure in various locations, and Proxim’s Tsunami® 820 series of subscriber units turned out to be the right solution. The Tsunami 820 point to multipoint products are full-featured but cost-efficient subscriber units that connect to Proxim’s standard base station equipment. These products use the latest wireless technology providing secure high-capacity wireless transmission coupled with the OFDM and MiMO functionality often required by telecom operators. The products are ideally suited for the outdoor environment (including an IP67 rating) with their compact robust hardware and can be deployed and configured rapidly resulting in substantial cost savings compared to other technologies.

«We have been using Proxim’s ORiNOCO Wi-Fi access points for many years as our goal has always been to provide our customers with the greatest Wi-Fi connectivity and this requires the support of solid technology partners,» said Robert Kools, Manager Operations of KPN HotSpots. “As we continue to expand our network to new locations, we have been delighted to expand our relationship with Proxim with the deployment of their Tsunami 820 products.”

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“We are delighted about the expansion of our relationship with KPN HotSpots. We are pleased to support their continuing efforts to provide an outstanding wireless experience to their customers. The compact and robust 820 series launched last year has been well received by our partners throughout the region and has been generally recognized by them all as a great addition to the 8000 series product family,” said Simon Snowdon, Director Commercial of Proxim in Western Europe.

About KPN

KPN is the largest telecom and IT service provider in the Netherlands. For consumer customers KPN offers data broadband services, IPTV services, mobile (voice, data and SMS) and fixed line telephony. For business customers, KPN offers broadband services, mobile, fixed line and data services. KPN also offers consultancy, data center storage and other network-related ICT solutions (optionally cloud based). For more information please visit the following web page: