Case study – Paris Suburb Community – Les LiLas

In Suburbs of Paris, the Community of Les Lilas, Selects Proxim’s Tsunami® 10100 to Support High Speed Data Connectivity


  • Customer: Paris Suburb Community – Les LiLas
  • Application: Backhaul
  • Solution: Tsunami® Point-to-Point
  • The primary requirement of the community’s municipal government was to replace its cost-prohibitive wire-line network.
  • The initial deployment involved 15 remote locations connected via Proxim Tsunami® point to point series.
  • In 2016, the community deployed the latest generation QB-10100 to connect its data center.
  • Key reasons for selecting Tsunami® are high availability and reliability along with responsive technical support services.


Founded in 1867, Les Lilas community is located 5.7 km (3.5 miles) from the center of Paris in the eastern suburbs. The local government facilities are spread across the community to provide the best services, as close to the residents as possible.


The community’s municipal government was in need of a cost-effective, robust network solution to interconnect its government offices and its data center. They had been using leased line networks for years, however over time; this approach was turning out to be cost-prohibitive. Consequently, the municipal IT team decided to replace its existing wire line network with a high capacity, reliable and cost-effective wireless network infrastructure.


Following an elaborate RFP process and evaluation of all the available solutions, the IT team selected Proxim’s outdoor wireless radios. First implemented in the year 2009, the IT team partnered with Axiome Services and Proxim Wireless to deploy a wireless network spanning from the datacenter to all the public service departments. The network consists of fifteen remote locations equipped with Tsunami® point to point series links connecting to the datacenter located at the center of the town.

Proxim Selected again in 2016

Due to increasing bandwidth demand to support heavier applications, the IT team once again turned to Axiome Services to upgrade its Proxim network. The deployment includes the next generation Tsunami® 10100 point to point series radios for the data center connectivity. The recently introduced, Tsunami QB-10100 delivers over the air data rate of up to 867 Mbps and leverages the strengths of Proxim’s proprietary WORP® and Proxim ClearConnect technology to deliver carrier class performance.

Why Proxim?

“Proxim’s equipment has stood the proof of time. The performance has always been reliable and consistent in any sort of weather and the performance/price ratio is unmatched. We are also pleased with the after sales technical support services and local support offered by Axiome Services. Based on the performance, we are looking to further upgrade our network with Proxim’s latest generation products.”
– Michel Rosier, Director of IT services.


Utilizing Proxim’s outdoor high capacity backhaul wireless solutions, the city government successfully replaced its wire-line system to provide its departments with high-speed wireless connectivity at a cost significantly lower than the existing leased line.

Paris Suburb Community - Les LiLas